Thursday, 26 May 2016

New Classes

New class details are finally ready and waiting for you lovely people to book. There is a real mix of classes for this release....some inky/painty ones, a couple of Powertex ones and something for those of you who love the idea of working with textiles. Some of the classes are single days but there are a couple that spread over a whole weekend. I did just want to point out that the two Powertex classes are booked as single days but if you wanted to make it a Powertex weekend, they are on consecutive days so you could book both!!!!! Simply click here to hop on over for all the dates and details.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Me time at last!

I've been busy with all sorts of things of late and have really missed having a play just for me, so I spent a couple of happy hours yesterday afternoon playing in my journal. My poor blog has also been badly neglected so I took step by step photos so I could type up a little tutorial for you guys.

I found a double page that I had previously started that didn't really float my boat and thought I would work over it.

I started by painting some Matt Glaze over the pages and sprinkling on some Infusions. I used "A Bit Jaded" and "Golden Sands"....these are my two favourite colours and blended using a wide paintbrush.

This is a technique that I demoed at Stevenage which I really like and have used a lot. I painted some more Matt Glaze over an area of the Jaded Infusions and sprinkled on some Golden Sands and blended with my paintbrush. While it was still wet, I used a baby wipe to remove some of the colour through a stencil (PS005), to reveal the colour underneath.

Love this effect!

I repeated this with one of Emma Godfrey's stencils (PS018)

Now to start filling in the gaps. I found a giant, tube shaped packaging know, one of those polystyrene, squidgy things and used it as a stamp. 

Then I used some of that sticky mesh tape that builders use to join plaster boards together, this makes a great stencil.

I found a piece of Tim Holtz Tissue Wrap and stuck that down with Matt Medium.

Loving Emma's mini trio of flowers (EM23)

Some additional layers with some text (MN61) and stencil PS024

I painted in the butterfly  with a selection of Fresco paints and Matt Glaze to make them more translucent. 

And finally, this tree (I think it's an iStencil) which I enhanced with Prisma pencils.

It was so nice to be creative again, what a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

News Update

Well, it's certainly been a busy time behinds the scenes at my studio recently. A month or so ago, I was a lucky girl and took part in the official Powetex training course. Oh my word that was a fun couple of days. I am happy to announce that I am now a certified Powertex tutor and  have been frantically making samples for future classes. I'll post more about that when all the class details are ironed out.

I have also been trying trying to pull together a selection of my work for an opportunity to take part in Bucks Open Studios this year which runs from the 11th - 26th June 2016. The exhibition will take place at Threads and Patches along with the work of three other very talented artists. There will be a rota of demonstrations which I will publish here nearer the time. My little exhibition space will consist of a variety of work.....Gelli Plate/textile pieces, some Powertex samples, work created with my PaperArtsy stamps, stencils and Fresco Finish paint along with some journals and metalwork.

This weekend, I am demonstrating at The Craft Den in Wisbech. Terri has organised a whole day for me to share lots of ideas using my latest PaperArtsy stamps, stencils, Fresco Finish paint and the new Infusions. It is completely free of charge to attend, no need to book a place either, simply turned up and enjoy the fun......hope to see you there.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Class Opportunity

The lovely Wendy at Daisy's Jewels and Crafts tells me that there are a few spaces on my class there this weekend.

If you would like to join me for this fun class where, amongst other things, I will show you how to crackle a background around the texture of Grunge Paste, click here to book you place or call Wendy on 07779 110813. Hope to see you there.


Monday, 18 April 2016

Fun Weekend

I spent the weekend teaching my Rusty Stuff class to eight lovely and very talented ladies. The was a mash up of metal embossing techniques using some of my PaperArtsy stencils, Ten Seconds Studio moulds & tools and rusting up some cool fabric with Rusting Powder.

This was my class sample but everyone did such amazing work, I wanted to share all their artwork with you.

First gorgeous piece belongs to Chris.

This one is Trish's work......I love that dress form.

Next up, Julie's work.

This one belongs to Sue.

This one is Ruth's

And Halina's work.

Karen's piece.

And last but not least Jo's.

I think you'll agree that everyone's work is simply amazing.......I just needed to share that with you.

Right, I'm off to walk the dog then back to the studio to try and plan some classes for later in the year.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Version Scrap, Paris 2016

I have just unpacked my demo kit and samples from the show in Paris. Version Scrap is an amazing show, very different from any show here in the UK so I thought I would share a few photos with you. We were so busy, I didn't get an opportunity to take photos of all the fabulous displays this year, but there are a LOT of photos of samples I made......I was a very busy girl!!!!!

First up, here's a photo of PaperArtsy's Paris team. Most of you will know that the show clashed with Ally Pally again this year so Leandra headed up the London team, while we were in Paris with Mark.

L to R - Sally, Audrey who is expecting a little girl this summer, me, Mark, Florence and Dounia.

As you can see from this photo (taken by the very lovely Martha from Italy), there are quite a lot of samples on my desk!!!

A bit of an action shot, again courtesy of Martha. Please excuse my very painty fingers!!!

Here's the finished shot of the above sample. I was showing how to use translucent paints over the top of Crackle Glaze.

Just starting a Treasure Gold demo with my good pal Sally translating for me.

The finished sample......Treasure Gold, tarnished with Archival ink.

A couple of samples using the new Infusions.

Some samples showing how to layer up backgrounds with opaque and translucent Fresco Finish paint.

Some samples made with Crayola's Slick Stix. The first one also has some Infusions too.

A grunge Paste and Crackle Glaze background with some flowers made out of Crunchy Paper. 

And last but not least, a very simple tag, showing how Snowflake Fresco really freshens up a simple background.