Sunday, 17 May 2015

Faux Rust

I had  an idea that I wanted to try, sparked by a sample of encaustic art that I had seen in an old copy of Somerset Studio some time ago. Of course, it goes without saying, that I cannot find the magazine now to give credit to the artist, which I am really sorry about, as it was such a beautiful piece and I do like to give credit if I can.

Anyways, mine is not an encaustic piece, I simply wanted to make something rusty looking, just like all the rusty washers used in the artwork that I had seen.

I started by wrapping some mesh tape that plasterers use, around the edge of a 4" x 6" box canvas. Although it does have adhesive on it, it did need some Gel Medium to make sure it stuck well to the canvas. Then I raided Mark's stash of washers to stick on the front.

When the Gel Medium was dry, I scraped a layer of Grunge Paste through some of the washers for added texture.

After a layer of Chalk coloured Fresco Finish paint, I dry brushed some Toffee Fresco onto the washers. I loved the rusty look, the Toffee was the perfect colour but realised the pale background didn't look right for the embellishments that I had made to go on the top.

After a bit of a re-think, I painted the background with Chocolate Pudding and added some Bora Bora to the washers......much better for this project, although I do plan to make something else with the chalk background, as I liked it so much.

Close up of the side, I love how that mesh picks up the colour of the Bora Bora paint.

 The finished piece with my little felt/paper/metal embellishments.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I'm thrilled to be.....

....the featured artist over at Marjie Kemper's blog this week. You may well have seen this piece previously on my blog, but it's the piece that caught Marjie's eye so I was delighted when she approached me to ask if she could feature it in her "Tuesday's Texture" slot. So I'd like to publicly thank Marjie for showcasing my work on her fabulous blog. Please click here to hop on over there, I promise there is a lot more to see than just my work, you won't be disappointed.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

Oh my, this semi retirement lark sure is tiring......lots of fun but exhausting at the same time. I'm sure you've heard many retired people comment on how they now wonder how they managed to work full time. Well, I  am definitely one of those people now. When I think back to how many hours a week I used to work, I really cannot get my head around how I managed to fit in things like supermarket shopping and cleaning the house, let alone spend any time with my family.

It has certainly been a busy month.....first of all there has been lots of work on new secret stuff......which of course is always extremely exciting. My lovely Mum celebrated her 80th birthday so my parents came to stay for the Bank Holiday weekend. We bought her  a mini iPad so that she can Facetime all the grandchildren. Dealing with technology is not one of her talents but she loves it and so does my Dad........I have stressed that it was her gift, so Dad if you're reading this, we'll get you one for Christmas!!!

My Wednesdays are now fully booked too, I have the pleasure of my grandson Callum's company on Wednesdays so that his Mum can return to work with incurring huge child care costs. He is an absolute angel to look after but he is crawling now and can move at the speed of light so I really have to have my wits about me.

This week, I was a very lucky girl and had the great pleasure of taking a class with the super talented Lynda Monk who is a textile artist that I have admired for some time. It was a kind of dabble class, where Lynda showed us A LOT of her techniques using products that I have had in my stash and not fully explored before. I have to say, it was one of the best classes I have ever been to, not only is Lynda a lovely and funny lady, her classes are extremely well prepared and beyond organised.

Today I thought I would share a couple of my samples......we made loads of the day. The first one will eventually become the cover for a journal, it's using Lynda's "Scrunched Scrim" technique.

Another sample of the same technique  but on this one, I decided to squash some of the raised up bits and see what I could turn it into.

The first thing I did was get some colour on it by painting it with a layer of Caribbean Sea Fresco Finish paint.

I then watered down some Snowflake Fresco and added a wash over everything to tone it all down. At this point I started thinking pebbles on a beach.

A touch of gold always brightens things up.

I added some beads which at first thought I would sew on, but then realised that that would be extremely tedious, so out came the glue!!! 

I added some stamping, the main images are from HP1112 & HP1201

Here's a close up of the anchor. I'm really pleased with how this postcard size piece turned out.

Finally, I thought I would share another of my finished pieces. Again, it's postcard size, which is a lovely size to work on, you don't get that daunting feeling when you have no idea what you are doing!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I have some serious gardening ahead of me.....I'm not a gardener either so I have no idea how that will turn out either!!!

Lin x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

New Grunge Paste Technique

If you read my post about the trip to Version Scrap in Paris with the PaperArtsy team, you may well remember that I promised a step by step of a new technique that I discovered using Grunge Paste and Mica Powders. Sorry it has taken a while, I've been busy this week working on new secret stuff and a spot or two of Nanna duty.

The sample I showed you was this one, which I gave to my dear friend Sally, so I decided to make another one showing how the technique could be used as an accent instead of the feature.

I started by painting  a grey board heart with Blue Oyster Fresco Finish paint.

Added a few scraps of printed tissue, using Matt Medium.

I used Emma Godfrey's stencil PS018 and some Nougat Fresco to add the stripes.

I used a baby wipe to  tint the stripes with a tad of Hey Pesto Fresco

I also used Hey Pesto to add some leaves through my stencil PS006. I painted a piece of Smoothy cardstock with Nougat before stamping this gorgeous Lynne Perrella image from LBC032. At this point, I decided to trim the image to fit the shape of the heart so that I could decide where to put my Grunge Paste stars.

I selected the star I wanted and masked the surrounding stars as I wanted just a single star.

Now this is the important bit. Once you have applied the Grunge Paste, you have to remove the stencil and masking tape, clean the stencil and replace it over the Grunge Paste while the paste is still wet!!!! Using a small stencil brush, I stippled some mica powder into the Grunge Paste to colour it and at the same time, the stiff brush adds texture.

I added a second colour for added interest. The next step is also very important!!!! Leave the stencil in position and gently blow away any excess mica powder. I used Dreamweaver Metallic FX and as these can be fixed with a spritz of water. I carefully sprayed a fine mist of water over the star with the stencil still in place. If you remove the stencil before spraying, the mica powder runs over the background. Carefully remove the stencil and dry with a heat gun.

I love this effect!!! Sorry for the blurry photo, trying to capture the effect of the mica meant the background ended up with the fuzz!

If you want more than one Grunge Paste/Mica Powder element, I would recommend you do them one at a time. As the Grunge Paste dries so quickly, it would be difficult to get the mica powders to stick once the GP has started to dry.

The finished piece....... it's a fun technique, I hope you will give it a try yourself.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Class Opportuniy

This morning I am here to unashamedly plug my class at Artist Trading Post on Saturday, May 9th 2015. Jamie tells me there are a few places left and it would be lovely if you could join me. The class is all about learning how to create a balanced background and bringing elements together to create a well thought out and cohesive project. We will be using all things PaperArtsy including my stamps, stencils and of course Fresco Finish paint. I'll be sharing lots of my tips and tricks but most importantly, it will be lots of fun. Oh, nearly forgot....we'll be making a little fabric bird too, that you can use as an embellishment. Simply click here for all the details.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Version Scrap

I'm just back from my trip to Version Scrap in Paris with the PaperArtsy team. I have to say that although we were all exhausted beyond belief, we managed to have a great time. It is such a lovely show, in fact I think it has to be my favourite. There are many "Make 'n'Takes" going on, an educational programme with lots of classes on offer and a display of artwork which is always very inspiring.

 This first photo is my favourite one....such a simple idea, but also very clever, I love it!!!

The red, black and white of this piece is really striking, quite a statement piece, but again, I really like it.

In complete contrast to the previous piece, these neutral tones always look so beautiful together.

The next two pieces had splashes of yellow which is a colour that I would find tricky to incorporate into work of this size, but the artist managed to use it so beautifully.

I do apologise for not making a note of the names of the artists but I can say that all the work was magnificent, as was the PaperArtsy stand. Look at the size of it, it was mahoosive!!!!

I do still get a buzz when I see my lines hanging beautifully together on the grid wall, my stuff actually had two grids together for this show, they looked so cool, even if I say so myself!!! 

The show is three full days...... 9am - 7pm on Fri, Sat and Sun plus a three hour session for VIP ticket holders on the Thursday evening. It's a long show but everyone is so enthusiastic, the time just flies by.

I thought you might like to see some of the samples I made at the show, there were quite a few but this was one of my favourite techniques. It's a mica spray type product by Lindy's Stamp Gang sprayed over some Extra Heavy Gloss Gel that had been scraped through a stencil. It was really hard to photograph the effect but it actually looked like Mother of Pearl in real life.

This sample shows the same two sprays over Grunge Paste on Crunchy Paper.....another wicked effect!

This sample shows a technique that I discovered using Grunge Paste and mica powders, I'll try and remember to post a step by step thingy about this, sometime soon.

 The remaining samples are all about Fresco Finish paints, stamps and stencils.


This, I think is my favourite background of the weekend, using Yellow Submarine and Tango.

It has just dawned on me that most of my samples are blue/turquoise. That's really quite interesting as I usually ask people what their favourite colours are, so blues are obviously very popular!!!

I'll leave you with a photo of the team, minus Jo as she had already gone home (sorry Jo).
Back row: L - R Audrey (till operator extraordinaire, Sally (one of our amazing translators), Leandra (Mrs PaperArtsy), Me, Dounia (queen of Make'n'Take and translator)
Front Row: Florence (another amazing translator) Mark (Mr PaperArtsy)